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24 things to know about me (part 1)

since this is a new blog, i thought i should publicize some information about the wonderful me!

so here they come, 24 things to know about me randomly posted from the coziness of my office (no i am not lazy, technical problems at work today have held us mostly off duty so i have free time to write)!

  1. i took my bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. for the past 2 years, i have been working as a Total Quality Manager for a firm in my city and i am quite content with what i do. i work with 35 people (mostly men :)) and i deal with all kinds of microsociety issues that come up daily among my co-workers and usually make me smile.
  2. i live alone in a beautiful flat near the sea while my parents live close enough for me to visit them as much as i want! they are very discreet about my life in my apartment and i dearly love them for that 🙂 i also have a beautiful younger sister who is 2.5 years younger than me; she is currently on the way for her masters degree in mechanic engineering (i am so proud of her!)
  3. i am a Gemini opting for the harmony of the Libra, the freedom of the Aquarius, the passion of Aries and the perfection of my own sign (hehe)
  4. i am 163cm tall and i currently weigh approximately 65kg. a year ago, i weighed 77kg but i realized the whole food thing had gone too far so i started eating healthy, whole grain foods, i cut down on too many fats and candy and i gradually saw results. however, i am still struggling with occasional outbursts that lead me to eat excessive amount of food for days in row, gaining back many pounds. to this day, and although i have been visiting a nutritionist, i haven’t been able to kick those outbursts but i am always hopeful!
  5. i love anything that has to do with healthy living & eating. i believe that mental and psychological health are of the utmost importance just as much as body health. like everyone, i have good days and i have bad days but i am always trying to find ways to cope with difficulties my own way. most of all, i try to learn from my mistakes (what a great lesson that is) so that i do not repeat them.
  6. i  love reading. i always have, even when i was at school, having tons of homework. during the last few years, i was drawn to the magic of the ancient Greek philosophers, who i am studying as much as possible. at the moment, i am reading about Epicurus.
  7. i am lucky enough to be dating the best guy in the world!!! i am in love head over heels after 3 years of being in a relationship and nothing seems to be making me slow down. he lives in Athens so we commute a lot but we are equally willing so we make it happen no matter what. i am so proud of him and the man he has become and i am proud of myself to have found him. he makes me a better person each day and he loves me with all his heart so i can never resist him. he is not yet aware of this blog so he is not reading me but  either way, i love you baby!!!!!!
  8. i love movies. all kinds of movies except for splatters and some sci-fi ones. one of my favourite movies to this day is “the constant gardener”. i am really fond of Pedro Almodobar (i have seen all his movies several times) and i like the direction abilities of Amenabar. European cinematography is great, but what is better than watching The Notebook on a Friday night with the company of your loved one? i also love soundtrack music so much…

continuing shortly…


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i just wanted to start this blog by thanking the wonderful girls (who i have never met or contacted) for the inspiration they provided me with through good and bad times and the motivation to start my own blog!

i have always been -for some strange reason- fond of Canada and the canadian lifestyle. from the day i discovered the autumn in Canada in pictures, i knew i was in love. and then the blogs came, one random day while searching the blogosphere for any kind of inspiration.

angela, from ohsheglows , then jenna from eat, live,run , then kath from kath eats real food all started entering my life in a most reveiling and fun way, urging me to read and read, page after page, blog after blog for days in a row, taking in as much as possible from their super healthy, natural way of living.

i am currently reading many other canadian blogs, which i will refer to in the next few days. i also love Canadian Living since i find it really informative.

Girls, your recipes are made in food heaven, your optimism in life is plain admirable and your writing skills make me sooo envious!

thank you for all your inspiration, for sharing your little secrets with all of us and -most of all- for helping me realize that some thoughts, goals and dreams are truthfully universal!!!

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hello everyone! welcome to my blog!
i am a 24 year-old girl, greekliving in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, Greece.
i created this blog mostly for the reason all you did: to speak my mind out loud, share views, opinios, problems and mostly the joys of my life!
i have always enjoyed writing and although Greek is my mother tongue, i feel i can interact with everyone in english just as well so why not connect to the whole world???
follow me on my jurney through life and let me follow yours!

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