here i am, after a long, quite tranquilizing weekend, in which i did the following:
1. christmas decorating (yayyy!!!)
2. made a cappuccino cream dessert with chocolate chips that i truly enjoyed
3. caught up on my next-in-line philosopher, Parmenides
4. went to see New Moon with one of my girlfriends

the latter is the subject of this post.
Twilight caught my attention early on and won me over with the great photography, the smart lines, the interesting effects, the beautiful soundtrack music and of course the new faces that gave the story a new level.
that was enough for me to sit and read the twilight saga books, all in once (it took me roughly 3 weeks).
i realized the author, though not the most fascinating one of our time, had a rather talented descriptive way of telling a story from a women’s point of view that many of us were drawn to.
the quick story lines, the awesome scenery and the love struggling itself is enough to keep you reading until the end the Eclipse (third book). after that, she just lost me completely in a chaos of mind blowing pain, incoherent dialogues and too much drama for me to stand.
so, i was curious enough to discover what the second movie had done to my remembrance of the book.
it was all quite expected.
the production, obviously more budgeted, presented great effects as well as the efficient direction of an experienced man on the field (Chris Weitz) . despite that, i discovered that he just could not project the woman’s point of view and the emotional attachment that the previous director ( Catherine Hardwicke) did. this was a crucial point for me.

the second obvious thing was the very, very bad performance on behalf of the two main stars (Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart). they totally lacked passion, interest, emotional involvement and skills in this movie and i just don’t see why Weitz did not put some money and effort towards that. however, Taylor Lautner was the indisputable star of the night, giving an amazing performance and bringing to life a character with depth and a multi leveled personality trapped in an extraordinary captivating face (and body). the rest of the actors were equally skilled and that quite saved the film.

the music of the movie let me down and the dialogues could have been better chosen from my point of view.

all in all, New Moon was consistent enough as a sequence to a highly estimated Twilight, while managed to deliver the story though not in the depth and essence that i would like to see. i believe that the majority of the fans appreciated this movie more than i did, but still, it will keep me motivated for another 6 months until the third movie is out.


shiny morning everyone!!!

it has been raining non stop since yesterday but i don’t really mind. my mind is on Christmas, mini trips and gifts!!!

since i feel upbeat today, i thought i could let you into my house (well just parts of it) through pictures of some of my favourite spots and/or items. i have kept my house very minimal, avoiding too much furniture or heavy decorations. i feel good in it and i just hope i will not be living myself for too long!

soooo, below you can find:

part of my living room before christmas decorations (will post new ones as soon as i decorate!)

my favourite winter blanket in the world!!!

it is bright orange, it is soft and so warm!

winter days wouldn’t be complete without it 🙂

my favourite Macbook of course 🙂

next to it you can see some other favourite little things like my camera in her black leather box, the tv controller and the houses’ telephone.

my crazy cow chair!!!!!!

all my friends love spinning themselves around while sitting all over it. it is amazingly comfortable and the colours match the rest of the room perfectly!

sitting by the fireplace, the Twitty that my sister gave me.

in front of it, a black and white picture of me from when i was 3 or 4 years old. i just love this picture…

the white, modern type chandelier in my guest room.

the package -type curtains are wonderful and thick enough to keep unwanted sunlight out of the room.

on top of my mini library sits

one of the painting that my father brought me from a recent trip to Cuba. the colours are perfect with the room and the curtains next to it! the painting is complimenting by the AUDI TT miniature (early gift from my love)

the other paintings – gifts from cuba.

i just have to hang them on the wall…god i am such a lazy ass!

part of my bedroom. i am totally in love with my photo player frame!!! i just load it with photos and fall asleep watching it play them one by one!

the color in the wall is a mixture of 4 different shades!

close up of my sconce. i have 4 of those all over my room and they look amazing when the Swarovski crystals light up.

really romantic…

ta daaaaa…:))))

please do not comment on my tidiness right now, i like it free style (hehehe i convinced them!)

part of my dressing room (yes i am lucky enough to have one of those). on top self i keep my various bags and i have covered the walls with a beautiful flowery wall paper which i have to show you in another photo.

as you can see, i love colors…

part of my shoe rack. this room is right next to the dressing room so i decorated with the same wallpaper which is more clearly seen in this photo. unfortunately, this room has not enough space for my shoes so i have to store them in boxes as well 😦

leather chairs in front of my kitchen bench – bar.

i really fancy them but this picture sucks…i have to take better pictures of it to show you.

last but not least, my bathroom!!!

actually, this is my beloved shower extra double edition (yes i made a special order to have these dimensions). it is really cool because one of our favourite things with my baby is taking showers together. this shower has loooots of rooms for both of us so it’s great!

that’s it for now!  i hope you enjoyed the pics and my cozy home . i will come back with more of my christmas decorated house!


family time…

oh my what an evening…tonight i had dinner with my father and a very fruitful conversation concerning business, the economic crisis, hr tactics and management skills.

all of that while drinking new wonderful Beaujolais sent to us directly from France!!!!

without realizing, we finished the bottle and i found myself in a very sweet, nauseating mood, making me speaking and laughing more and more and more…that’s what alcohol does to me ladies and gents, i laugh and i talk and then i laugh and talk some more!!! hic hic!

anyhow, i came home about half an hour ago and it comes without saying i am beat enough to decorate my house 😦

 my parents are such a huge part of my life! they are my best friends, my cornerstones, my closest people in the whole world.

i wish i could express to them how grateful i am for the person they turned me into and how much i love them!!! 

my mom was an economic analyzer but she stopped working to raise me and my younger sis. it was the greatest gift to us but such a sacrifice for her! it cost her in multiple levels (she developed mild depression which took her years to control). despite that, she never regretted the choice she made. do you think i will ever stop feeling juuuust a bit guilty for leading her to that choice?? she is the best mom in the world and i adore her, but i wish she was just a bit less fragile. 

my father, a very strong and successful businessman, never let my mother out of his sight, making sure she was never sad. he did everything in his power to provide a fantastic life for our family. he has always put himself second behind all of us, being our rock, our friend, our companion and entertainment! i look just like him, i think like him and many many times i act like him so i could never really see him as anything less than a hero! 

my sister, Eve, is 22 and she is nothing like me. she loves her friends, freedom, going out every night and staying up late. that’s like everything i am not. she is truly sincere and honest and she has the purest soul i have met in my life.  though different, i see now that growing up, we have come closer as personalities and characters. i was the quiet one while she had a very wild puberty which cost our family a lot of fights and tears. the years have passed now and she is a very smart mechanic engineer with a bright future in front of her. she has all the friends i never had and i have a man who is all the friends i could ask for. he is a mechanic engineer as well so they have quite an interesting relationship :))))  

my sister’s birthday is coming up in 12 days….anyone up for a gift suggestion???? i love you so much sis, bless your loving heart!!!

good day everyone!
i know, i know i am sooooo late in my house decorations for the Christmas!!!!
i have all these beautiful garments in my closet from last year and i just have to take the time to do it.
how about today???
well, i promise i will post some before and after photos just to give you an idea.

ps: i just had the most amazing cheese pie for breakfast this morning!!! the lady that makes them is so talented!!

ps2: coming to think about it, maybe i delayed christmas decorations so much because it is still so damn hot in this country!!!!!!! it is hilarious! it still feels like early autumn grrrr

Santa Claus, but your bikini on before you visit us, ok?

coming back from the previous post, let me continue this useful list 🙂

9.  my heritage is a huge asset for me. during the past 2 years, i have successfully tracked down the roots of my family going back to the late 19th century. it is amazing how many common things you might have with your ancestors if you really look into it. my grand father Leonidas has passed on my writing style, my love for poetry and my love for photography. these are his 3 passions in life and i can positively admit i have inherited a bit of all 3. my great grand father is responsible for my  left-handedness while my grand mother (whose name i carry) gave me my sense of style, my calmness in coping with difficult situations and my open mind. on the other hand, my other grand mother Pagona helped me appreciate the traditional greek pies linked to our past while my other grand father has given me…well…my romantic, perfectionist , clever sister, since she is a clear copy of him. as you can see, our past is who we are, and we owe it to ourselves to know and love our past.

10 .i am a proud Actionaid member for the past 2 years. i am so happy to be the foster parent of a beautiful African 8 year-old boy with huge eyes and perfect smile!!!! i just feel so good knowing i can provide something to him and his community!

11. i have a huge sweet tooth that i am trying to control. i love chocolate, honey, baked goods and of course all traditional greek desserts. mmm yummy!

12. i also CRAVE good food. i am not a big fan of red meat but i am not vegetarian. i eat my veggies, seasonal fruits, yogurt and other dairy products. i also love lentils, oats, soups, omelets, chicken, all kinds of potatoes, eggplants, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, fish, greek pies and many more!


14. my relationship with exercise has never been an easy one. both my parents were never really athletic types so i get no exercise genes from them. despite the fact that for the most part of my life i have been in & out of gyms, i never exercised for more than 3 months in a row. it is a habit i still do not fully enjoy but i have to find a way to change that. my firm has a small private gym which i hit from time to time but many days i am just so bored or tired after work!! any suggestions on the matter are very welcome!

15. i just can’t shop with company. shopping is something i really enjoy but only if i am doing it alone.

16. i can’t grow my nails long enough to get a decent manicure. they are too soft and thin to let them grow too much 😦  i went for a manicure once and the manicurist is still recovering from the stress (hihi)

17. red wine + champagne = my kind of booze at all times and for all purposes.

18. i have one phobia, which i actually inherited from my father (my sister also has it): acrophobia (Acrophobia (from the Greek: ἄκρον, ákron , meaning “peak, summit, edge” and φόβος, phóbos, “fear”) is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. It belongs to a category of specific phobias, called space and motion discomfort that share both similar etiology and options for treatment.) as a matter of fact, i am not afraid of heights, which is the common mistake but standing on edges. acri is the greek word for “edge” so it doesn’t matter if i stand in a harbour, a street near a cliff or a ladder. i am still afraid. stairs are known to be the most important obstacle for some acrophobics and my most common nightmare since i was a kid. growing older, i have managed to keep my phobia in control, unless you put me in a very stressful situation (i am NOT climbing the Eiffel tower again. EVER. )

19. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE FLORENCE!!! it is the only city i think i could permanently live except for my own. i consider Florence to be a completely different country from Italy since i think Florentines are nothing like all other Italians and i am really passionate about Tuscany and all it’s colors. i am currently planning a big road trip for next spring to the villages and vineyards of Tuscany. my significant other happens to be an amazing driver and also a fun of Tuscany so i cannot wait!!!!

20. other favourite destinations: Greek islands in the summer (pure heaven) and Salzburg in the winter. top of the top for me!

21. i started smoking at 18 when i entered the university because EVERYONE around me smoked. thankfully, 2 years later i quit for good. for the past 4 years, i only indulge in one or two cigarettes every 2 months or so when the party is sooooo greattt!

22. i am scared of small dogs jumping around (traumatic experience at age 6) and all cats (for some reason i never sympathised them).

23. i have only ever envied 2 people in my life: Katherine and Tania. With Katherine i was best friends for 2 years in high school and Tania was my best friend for 2 years in elementary school (ages 10-12). they are both beautiful, energetic, passionate and clever women with whom i lost touch without significant reason but to this day, i look up to them for different reason and i do admit i feel just a bit jealous of how they chased and got everything they wanted out of life. i hope they are well wherever they are.

24. i was the editor in chief for my high school magazine for one year and i was a guest writer for the magazine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, department of Agronomics.

that’s all folks! hope you enjoyed! have a great Christmas month, i have tons of stuff to follow!

since this is a new blog, i thought i should publicize some information about the wonderful me!

so here they come, 24 things to know about me randomly posted from the coziness of my office (no i am not lazy, technical problems at work today have held us mostly off duty so i have free time to write)!

  1. i took my bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. for the past 2 years, i have been working as a Total Quality Manager for a firm in my city and i am quite content with what i do. i work with 35 people (mostly men :)) and i deal with all kinds of microsociety issues that come up daily among my co-workers and usually make me smile.
  2. i live alone in a beautiful flat near the sea while my parents live close enough for me to visit them as much as i want! they are very discreet about my life in my apartment and i dearly love them for that 🙂 i also have a beautiful younger sister who is 2.5 years younger than me; she is currently on the way for her masters degree in mechanic engineering (i am so proud of her!)
  3. i am a Gemini opting for the harmony of the Libra, the freedom of the Aquarius, the passion of Aries and the perfection of my own sign (hehe)
  4. i am 163cm tall and i currently weigh approximately 65kg. a year ago, i weighed 77kg but i realized the whole food thing had gone too far so i started eating healthy, whole grain foods, i cut down on too many fats and candy and i gradually saw results. however, i am still struggling with occasional outbursts that lead me to eat excessive amount of food for days in row, gaining back many pounds. to this day, and although i have been visiting a nutritionist, i haven’t been able to kick those outbursts but i am always hopeful!
  5. i love anything that has to do with healthy living & eating. i believe that mental and psychological health are of the utmost importance just as much as body health. like everyone, i have good days and i have bad days but i am always trying to find ways to cope with difficulties my own way. most of all, i try to learn from my mistakes (what a great lesson that is) so that i do not repeat them.
  6. i  love reading. i always have, even when i was at school, having tons of homework. during the last few years, i was drawn to the magic of the ancient Greek philosophers, who i am studying as much as possible. at the moment, i am reading about Epicurus.
  7. i am lucky enough to be dating the best guy in the world!!! i am in love head over heels after 3 years of being in a relationship and nothing seems to be making me slow down. he lives in Athens so we commute a lot but we are equally willing so we make it happen no matter what. i am so proud of him and the man he has become and i am proud of myself to have found him. he makes me a better person each day and he loves me with all his heart so i can never resist him. he is not yet aware of this blog so he is not reading me but  either way, i love you baby!!!!!!
  8. i love movies. all kinds of movies except for splatters and some sci-fi ones. one of my favourite movies to this day is “the constant gardener”. i am really fond of Pedro Almodobar (i have seen all his movies several times) and i like the direction abilities of Amenabar. European cinematography is great, but what is better than watching The Notebook on a Friday night with the company of your loved one? i also love soundtrack music so much…

continuing shortly…

canadian living rules!!

i just wanted to start this blog by thanking the wonderful girls (who i have never met or contacted) for the inspiration they provided me with through good and bad times and the motivation to start my own blog!

i have always been -for some strange reason- fond of Canada and the canadian lifestyle. from the day i discovered the autumn in Canada in pictures, i knew i was in love. and then the blogs came, one random day while searching the blogosphere for any kind of inspiration.

angela, from ohsheglows , then jenna from eat, live,run , then kath from kath eats real food all started entering my life in a most reveiling and fun way, urging me to read and read, page after page, blog after blog for days in a row, taking in as much as possible from their super healthy, natural way of living.

i am currently reading many other canadian blogs, which i will refer to in the next few days. i also love Canadian Living since i find it really informative.

Girls, your recipes are made in food heaven, your optimism in life is plain admirable and your writing skills make me sooo envious!

thank you for all your inspiration, for sharing your little secrets with all of us and -most of all- for helping me realize that some thoughts, goals and dreams are truthfully universal!!!