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sooooo, it has finally started getting cold around here….well, not really cold but it’s quite enough to put us in the holiday mood!!!

yesterday i had a very blah day, filled with tons of work and no fun. at this point i should just give you an outline of the things i have to do at work until the end of next week. let’s see:

  • prepare EVERYTHING (including, files, papers, education etc) for our end-of-the-year internal procedures’ inspection, in accordance with our ISO obligations. the inspections are being carried next Wednesday and Thursday and i am fully responsible of everything being perfect before, while and after they happen. following the inspection, i have to prepare my inspection report and make sure that all other inspectors hand me theirs so as to work to work on statistics, conclusions and extract from them part of the agenda for our meeting at the beginning of the year (mid January). i can´t even start to describe the pain of it all….
  • preparation of the agenda, general planning including accommodation and transportation for the visit one of our biggest German suppliers next Monday & Tuesday. i am also responsible for organizing our meetings, business lunches, dinners and everything else that comes along…quite a drag don’t you think?
  • wrap up all marketing activities of the year until the budget meeting in January.
  • make sure that certain payments have been made until the end of the year
  • start planning the budget meeting.

there´s more but i think you are by now in the borders of desperation yourselves. about now you must be wondering what the hell i am doing in this company i work for….well that´s a very good question but an equally tough one for me. let´s just say i belong in the general management team but i am also the TQ manager. alas, i have big responsibilities concerning both positions.

in between all that, this Friday i am going to Athens for the weekend visiting my other half, while i still haven´t made plans on my holiday vacations. (aaarrrgghhh!!!!) thank God i can really relax when i am with him since he always puts some serious effort on it. 🙂

and let’s not forget, somewhere around this madness i want to:

  1. visit our local library in search of books on Heraclitus & Xenophanes (new post to follow )
  2. do some necessary christmas shopping
  3. get a hair cut
  4. take my wonderful BMW for service
  5. work on my genealogical  photo album (new post to follow )

there are just not enough hours in the day, guys! should i mention i need to see my friends who are about to kick my ass for my non show? i would do the same in their position possibly….

oh well, let us go where our feet take us, until they can move no more!

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.   -Epicurus

(photos of my high school, my neighbourhood and my city)

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