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my favorite director, my top actress, an amazing true story about the first Greek female philosopher (and first female mathematician), a great cast and a beautifully selected filming location.
this is huge and i just can’t wait to see the movie and fully review it for you guys!!!

anyone know the release date in Greece???


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here i am, after a long, quite tranquilizing weekend, in which i did the following:
1. christmas decorating (yayyy!!!)
2. made a cappuccino cream dessert with chocolate chips that i truly enjoyed
3. caught up on my next-in-line philosopher, Parmenides
4. went to see New Moon with one of my girlfriends

the latter is the subject of this post.
Twilight caught my attention early on and won me over with the great photography, the smart lines, the interesting effects, the beautiful soundtrack music and of course the new faces that gave the story a new level.
that was enough for me to sit and read the twilight saga books, all in once (it took me roughly 3 weeks).
i realized the author, though not the most fascinating one of our time, had a rather talented descriptive way of telling a story from a women’s point of view that many of us were drawn to.
the quick story lines, the awesome scenery and the love struggling itself is enough to keep you reading until the end the Eclipse (third book). after that, she just lost me completely in a chaos of mind blowing pain, incoherent dialogues and too much drama for me to stand.
so, i was curious enough to discover what the second movie had done to my remembrance of the book.
it was all quite expected.
the production, obviously more budgeted, presented great effects as well as the efficient direction of an experienced man on the field (Chris Weitz) . despite that, i discovered that he just could not project the woman’s point of view and the emotional attachment that the previous director ( Catherine Hardwicke) did. this was a crucial point for me.

the second obvious thing was the very, very bad performance on behalf of the two main stars (Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart). they totally lacked passion, interest, emotional involvement and skills in this movie and i just don’t see why Weitz did not put some money and effort towards that. however, Taylor Lautner was the indisputable star of the night, giving an amazing performance and bringing to life a character with depth and a multi leveled personality trapped in an extraordinary captivating face (and body). the rest of the actors were equally skilled and that quite saved the film.

the music of the movie let me down and the dialogues could have been better chosen from my point of view.

all in all, New Moon was consistent enough as a sequence to a highly estimated Twilight, while managed to deliver the story though not in the depth and essence that i would like to see. i believe that the majority of the fans appreciated this movie more than i did, but still, it will keep me motivated for another 6 months until the third movie is out.

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